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How can green innovations be marketed? What are the success factors in corporate ventures? 
What is the best tool for managing the innovation portfolio? How to implement a new analytical method?
Enlargement of your own resources by identifying suitable partners for studies and joint projects. 
Expansion of the network outside of your own company. Higher visibility of your own digital profile in social media.
Annual Events
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events per year
attendance workshops
remote workshops
workshops by participants
joint activities
applying the return-on-innovation workshop concept
one topic discussed by 6-12 participants in workshop mode with moderation
focusing on specific topics like "which is the best portfolio management tool?"
i.e. assignment of student papers, joint projects / travels, open innovation
depending on participants preference
3 to 4
depending on the particitants
depending on the actitity
any number, any time
1 day
2 hours
1 hour
Mission & Purpose Innovation has been for centuries the driver for change and progress. Chemistry is a major contributor to innovation. Today‘s main challenges in chemistry are sustainable and higher speed of change due to digitalisation. An exchange is becoming more and more important, but it is difficulty to implement in everyday life. The Chemical Innovators Club is a non-profit network and pragmatic platform to enable the exchange of pre-competitive topics specifically for innovation managers in the chemical industry in German-speaking countries.
Networking & profile strengthening
Joint activities and projects
Fast input on specific questions
Formation of opinion on current innovation topics
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