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News to the top Innovation Culture at 3M I March 22, 2021 Tools for innovation project management I Online Workshop on July 22, 2021
Many chemical companies use specific software tools to manage their innovation portfolio and stage-gate process. While self-built Excel tools had a significant market share a few years ago, commercial tools are now mostly in use. The range of tools has developed very dynamically in recent years. On the one hand, the functional scope of specialized innovation tools has expanded significantly. On the other hand, ERP providers often also offer a module for innovation management. In the workshop, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the most commonly used tools based on a survey conducted in advance.
Sustainability and EU Taxonomy I Online Workshop on September 24, 2021
As a result of the EU taxonomy, the topic will have more and more guard rails from next year - but there are still many question marks in detail. Michael and Benjamin from BASF presented both the existing answers and the open questions and put them up for discussion.
Assessing Innovation Performance I Online Workshop on May 6, 2021
Measuring innovation performance is a major challenge in innovation management as outined in herausforderung-messung-des-return-on- innovation/18006654 This is especially true for long-term topics - e.g., the development of new technologies. Here, there is a lack of options to measure the long-term benefits of projects beyond relatively short-term sales. Typical KPIs such as "new product sales" often do not lead to good conclusions. In the workshop, various approaches and KPIs will be discussed with regard to their applicability in practice.
Annual Meeting I Clariant, Höchst,  November 22nd, 2022
Clariant welcomed 25 CIC members at the Clariant Innovation Center in the industry park Höchst. Topics including Digital Innovation, Circular Economy, Time-to-Market, Ecosystems and Sustainability were discussed in several break out sessions. A bus tour in the industry park completed the successful day. Thank you to the Clariant team for hosting the CIC and to Josef for organising the event.
Annual Meeting I Evonik, Hanau, June 15, 2023
Thank you to the Evonik team for hosting and Josef for organising the annual CIC meeting at the industry park Wolfgang / Hanau. More than 20 innovation experts from the Chemical Innovators Club discussed several innovation related questions intensively and controversially at the meeting. Besides the green transition, is there any radical innovations in the chemical industry? Another topic was measuring the return on innovation. The small study carried out in advance showed that this topic is approached very differently in the participating companies. However, the focus of the meeting was clearly on innovation topics related to sustainability. The key question was how sustainability criteria can be integrated into the management of the innovation portfolio.
How do companies innovate successfully in the chemical industry? What works in practice - and what doesn't? These questions are the focus of the Chemical Innovator Club (CIC). With artificial intelligence, the circular economy and innovation in times of crisis, three hot topics were on the agenda in 2024. Thank you to the Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG team and especially to Gideon Rath and Pierre-Alain Weiss for hosting the 2024 meeting. Many thanks also go to Nicole Borho from DAW SE, Aggeliki Quell, Benjamin Bergner and Michael Bretz from BASF, Sebastian Roos from Evonik and Markus Deppe from IBM Consulting for their input to the event. Dr. Josef Glass from execon partners, the organizer of the CIC, is already looking forward to the 10th anniversary meeting of the CIC in 2025.
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